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The development of a disposable laparoscopic surgery trocar

The development process of a disposable laparoscopic surgery trocar


Proposing a new mechanism

Devising a new mechanism without making use of existing patents

The laparoscopic surgery trocar is an instrument to incise the abdominal wall and also serve as a pathway to the affected area. Many patents had already been filed in the U.S., so we aimed to achieve higher performance without making use of the existing patents. Errorless reliability was required of the product. The final solution met all the requirements and we managed to acquire a patent for it.


Styling design

Based on the new mechanism, design ideas were developed, and after discussions with the client, one idea was selected for its superiority in user-friendliness and structure


Prototype design

Internal mechanism design

Using the 3D CAD NX, we designed the internal mechanism and generated the data for a working mockup (prototype).

Making a working mockup

The working mockup was made, product operation and movements were tested, and further improvements were made on the design.


Mass production design

Final improvements and generating data for die building

Improvements were made to solve problems found in the mockup tests and the design was finalized for production. The data was handled consistently through to die building.