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The development of a disposable laparoscopic surgery autosuture

The development process of a disposable laparoscopic surgery autosuture


Proposing a new mechanism

A large improvement in performance

The laparoscopic surgery autosuture is an instrument used to surgically remove the affected area, restrain hemorrhage and suture the wound at the same time. A large flexibility of movement is required after the instrument is inserted into the organ. The solution achieved a maximum of 120 degrees in head oscillation angle to the left and right sides, as compared to 60 degrees in the conventional models. Still higher usability was achieved by developing a mechanism to rotate the edge 360 degrees while the head is oscillated to one side or the other. This mechanism, along with the suture locking mechanism, acquired a patent.


Prototype design

Using the 3D CAD NX, we designed the internal mechanism and generated the data for a working mockup.